That’s right California has banned television, specifically they have banned non-energy efficient televisions. The California Energy Commission voted Wednesday to set energy efficiency standards for televisions. This movement by California is to save the consumers and California $1 billion a year, this is also to save the state from building a new power plant. These new regulations that limit the energy usage of televisions 52 inches or smaller are set to take effect January 2011. The second part to this regulation is that by January 2011 televisions are suppose to use 33 percent less energy and by January 2013 use 49 percent less energy. This regulation covers liquid-crystal displays and plasma high-definition TVs. Any other sets such as cathode ray tube (CRT) sets and rear=projection sets do not apply to this regulation. In this struggling economy can California residents afford to but new televisions? Will television makers have to redesign some of their sets to meet the requirements of California? Tell me what you think in the comment section.