Today, Canonical stated that when the next major release of Ubuntu comes out, the operating system will become a paid system. This comes as a shock to many users of Ubuntu, because until now it has been free.

You may be wondering why Ubuntu will start costing money. Well, there are a few reasons for the change. The first, and most prominent reason is so that there can be more paid people working on Ubuntu to make it better. The second, is to buy more server space. Because as Ubuntu grows, there is more demand for it, and therefore, it will need more download mirrors. The third reason for this sudden change is because recently, Ubuntu has become a more commercially available OS lately, and there will have to be more publicity for the fast growing OS. It is strange to see a version of Linux that is pay only, but many people hope this will change.

Already, Canonical has seen a huge amount of people unhappy with the change, and therefore, they may begin to rethink the plans they have put forth. But for now, all we can do is listen and watch what happens.