A few weeks ago, I got an invite from a friend to try out Forrst. A new platform for short-form sharing between designers and developers. Forrst is a forum for Web designers and developers where they can share designs and code to get feedback from other designers and developers, ask each other questions, or write posts about design topics. It also offers an About.me-like profile page for designers called Forrst.me, with a picture and links to that person’s Forrst posts, Twitter, GitHub, another online accounts. For example, here is mine.

Forrst is currently invite-only during beta testing; and to get invited, 2 or more members must “approve” a suggestion.

Forrst has a small but intense following. It has 23,000 registered users and 11,500 on the waiting list. Founder Kyle Bragger estimates that about 35 percent of its registered users actively create a substantial amount of content every month. Activity is doubling on a monthly basis. The site attracted 330,000 visitors last month, and 1.7 million page views. Bragger plans on speeding up the rate at which new members are approved, while still keeping the quality of the contributors high.