We know that AMD has delayed production slightly for its new eight-core “Zambezi” processor, that it’s rolling out the FX brand again for the unlocked eight-core Bulldozer CPU, and that it will even deliver that CPU in a tin box. We’ve been waiting to find out the two biggest things, however: how well it performs and how much it costs.

We still don’t know how it stacks up in benchmarks against Intel’s Sandy Bridge chips, but chip scribe Theo Valich found out from AMD at E3 this week how the company plans to price the octa-core processor. In his Bright Side of News post, Valich says that the eight-core FX Black Edition Processor will cost around $320 when it launches in a couple of months.

That places it squarely in the range of Intel’s unlocked Core i7-2600K quad-core, which means that reviewers will no doubt pit the two against one another when testing the new AMD CPU. Will the four additional cores translate to enough extra performance to compete effectively with the top Sandy Bridge to date? We still don’t know core clock speeds, but AMD is apparently working to make sure that applications can start taking advantage of all eight cores.

Is $320 the right price for you to consider buying this forthcoming AMD eight-core CPU? Let us know in the Comments section.