I have been using RunKeeper for Android for several weeks now to keep track of work-out activities. RunKeeper is a very easy to use and straight forward application with some very powerful tracking tools.

When you first open the application it asks you to sign-up for an account or sign-in to your previous RunKeeper account. One of the very powerful features of RunKeeper is the web application integration it has built right in. All of the stats of your fitness actives are stored online for you to share with friends, family and the vast RunKeeper community. The online app allows you to view everything you would be able to view on the application plus find races and local event, mark routes, and much more.

This application has been very handy in tracking the average speed, distance, and mapping my run/walking exercises through a easy to use application that runs in the background during your run and announces every so often your progress. A feature with-in the application I have yet to use called coaching is said to help create and manage a fitness plan for you. It allows you to select an activity and what you are looking todo and will coach you through-out either through your speaker phone or head phones.

I have yet to find a negative to this application beyond when using the web application many stats are withheld unless you become a RunKeeper Elite member which is very reasonably prices at $20 a year. Overall this is an excellent easy to use fitness application available on Android Devices and the iOS platform in the Apple iPhone App Store.