Gmail for the mobile platform is getting a nice facelift from the development team. From personal experience, Gmail for mobile was looking pretty bad and caused your eyes to strain. The update today, announced from the Gmail blog, outlines all the tops and tricks in the new mobile version. The Gmail teams tailored the new version for the iOS and QNX platforms with high quality screens.

One big upset from the old version of mobile Gmail was trying to refresh your message lists, you had to wait, in the old version, for new messages to appear. Now, Gmail has made it simpler by allowing you to drag down the message list to manually refresh the lists. This feature is similar to most other applications where you pull down to refresh.

Most of these updates from the mobile Gmail team add cosmetic updates to the application. It features new transitions between pages and beefed up graphical user interfaces. All of this is optimized for the iOS retina display and other high quality displays.