It’s surprising how well the iPad has done in the market, it’s still the top tablet device and according to web analytics company comScore, 6.8% of the worlds traffic comes from a mobile device or tablet.

According to the numbers two-thirds of the 6.8% are driven by mobile phones, leaving the remaining third of a percent from tablets. iPad dominates the tablet category, taking up a staggering 97.2% of traffic from tablets.

Analyzing the numbers, this means that more web traffic is coming from the iPad over the iPhone. Digging deeper, 46.8% of iOS traffic comes from the iPad while the remaining 42.6% comes from the iPhone. That’s amazing considering that the total share of the mobile internet traffic accounted to 58.5%.

That tablet to have is still the iPad and has yet to see a competitor to its dominance in the market. It seems young males have the most abundant numbers, according to ComScore numbers 54,7% of tab;et owners are male, and one-third are in the age range of 25-34.

So what’s driving these people to use these devices? Reports say that over half of the usage is on social networking sites and a quarter of it also going to reading news, on a daily basis.

ComScore speculates that because of the growing Wi-Fi availability market and increased mobile broadband options, this has helped push the tablet age. Wi-Fi is so abundant, that one-third of the mobile traffic was done over a connection to Wi-Fi. While 90% of tablet browsing took place on a Wi-Fi connection.

Certainly the iPad isn’t done dominating the market and will continue to grow through the roof in the months to come.