With the announcement of Google Plus and Google Hangouts, many people have taken advantage of the service and hanging out with nine other friends online, except the hearing-impaired. Now Google has a solution.

Recently, Google announced at the National Association of the Deaf’s annual conference in Louisville, KY that a new app for Google Plus Hangouts that makes Hangouts more accessible for the hearing-impaired. Titles Hangout Captions transcribes people communications so that the hearing-impaired can read what other people in the hangouts are talking.

As of right now, the service has two options of transcription, a professional transcription through StreamText, and a basic transcription service in which users can type on the keyboard themselves.

“By adding the +Hangout Captions app, you can either connect live text from a professional transcriptionist to your Hangout, or type right into a text box yourself to transcribe a Hangout for your friends,”

– Naomi Black (technical program manager for accessibility engineering)

As of right now, Google did not add in a machine-transcribed service used in other Google services like Google Voice and YouTube; though it is most likely that Google will add that in later on so that users will not need to type in what a user said.

Google has released a video explaining the service.