If you’ve taken advantage of replacing your optical drive in your MacBook Pro with a hard drive and now you have just a slot load drive around and don’t know what to do with it. Other World Computing has the solution for you when you have no where to put your slot loading drive. The OWC SuperSlim for Apple SuperDrive gives you the smallest form factor for carrying around a slot loading drive that was in your MacBook Pro.

This drive is super easy to install when you have a slot loading drive laying around. It’s as easy as sliding it into the SATA port and mounting in the screws. One issue that I had that you might have with this drive is that the mounting screw holes that you need may be covered with metallic looking tape so you’ll have to scratch that away to reveal the holes. Once it is done, all that’s left is to mount in the drive and place the cover on.

Once the drive is mounted in the case and the cover is on you’ll need to turn it around and screw in a screw on the exposed foot. As soon as it’s screwed in you can put the remaining foot on the drive and you’re good to go. The drive is powered by dual USB plugs, one for power and one for data.

The drive is great for carrying around and can fit into any small pockets you may have on your laptop bag. Since we live in a world where more and more of our life is lived online you don’t need physical media anymore since most software is found online. Check out the drive from MacSales and consider it if you have a SuperDrive laying around.