If you were a kid in the 80’s and 90’s, then you know Nintendo magazine called “Nintendo Power”. You remembered the time Nintendo and Sega were in a war with each other  when Sega talked about the blast processing it has and its 16-bit console (which was a giant mess with the CD and that silly 32 bit add-on) and Nintendo’s additional add-on and features; and in the end, Nintendo winning that war. You also likely knew Nintendo’s magazine was, at that time, the one stop shop for gaming info and its slogan “Get the Power, Nintendo Power”. It is one of the longest gaming magazine in the country.

But, as time goes by, some things change. Ars Technica is reporting that, backed with multiple tweets from the staff’s twitter pages discussing about the final issue, Nintendo Power is closing its doors, saying that it was always “difficult to work with” Nintendo and the parent company was not interested in renewing the contract or take part in any digital distribution. They also reported that Nintendo is not interested in taking over the production of the magazine.

As of right now, the staff that write and publish the magazine are being transitioned to work on Future properties, which includes GamesRadar and MacLife magazine. It is also unclear on the number of issues that is planned to be published, or how current subscribers will be compensated. Since its first issue in the summer of 1988, it has lasted 24 years and (as of right now) 281 issues. All that is known right now is that the magazine days are numbered.