Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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iPhone Xs MAX Unboxing & Impressions

iPhone Xs launch day is here! I'm sharing my opinions of what I like about it and what I think could be different or better.

iPhone X Unboxing & Impressions

Yay my iPhone X is here, or if you wish to call it iPhone 10. This is the radically redesigned iPhone that is all screen with no physical home buttons. It's...

Apple AirPods (Why I’m Returning Them)

For me the Apple AirPods are a double edged sword. They're incredibly convenient to take with me everywhere I go but the fact they aren't well secured and let in a...

Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro Review

Apple's new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro you can turn your iPad into a laptop. It's expensive but well worth the price if you're looking to have one device to take...