Sunday, June 13, 2021

20 Aviation Facts

0 Aviation has a long and interesting history, here's just 20 of some random aviation facts. KLM is the world's oldest airline, established in 1919 Qantas is the world's second oldest airline,...

Why Do Planes Have Red And Green Lights?

0 There are lots of pretty lights all over an aircraft, each one has a specific purpose and meaning. Here's a quick overview of what all the lights on an aircraft mean.

What Happens If Both Airplane Engines Fail?

0 If a plane is flying through the air and both engines fail, what happens? Does the plane fall out of the sky? Does it glide like a big glider? Or does...

What Happens When Lightning Strikes An Airplane?

0 In the skies above your head lightning is a very common occurrence and on average every commercial plane is struck once a year by lightning. But the lightning doesn't hurt the...

Can A Plane Fly With One Engine?

0 One fear many have when flying is if the plane will still fly if one engine fails. Today we'll be simulating a single engine failure and seeing how a Boeing 777...

Can An Airplane Land Itself?

0 As a proof of concept today we'll show how a plane can land itself and how common it is in every day flying that a plane lands itself. Please note, some...

How Do Winglets Work?


Why Are Airplane Windows Round?


Doctor Violently Dragged From United 3411… What Happened?

0 A doctor was violently dragged from United Express 3411 after gate agents could not find seats for United employees who were deadheading a flight to the next city. After no one...

Is Turbulence Dangerous For An Airplane Or You?



Google Search App For iOS Brings Voice-Based Answers

While Siri's voice search is nice, it has more competition in the next few days. Google recently announced that they updated the search app...