Monday, February 7, 2022

When (And How) You Should Sleep On An Airplane?

Before you think about sleeping on an airplane you should consider these tips. If you don't take into consideration these tips on your next flight you might throw off your internal...

What Happens If Both Airplane Engines Fail?

0 If a plane is flying through the air and both engines fail, what happens? Does the plane fall out of the sky? Does it glide like a big glider? Or does...

Why Do Planes Have Red And Green Lights?

0 There are lots of pretty lights all over an aircraft, each one has a specific purpose and meaning. Here's a quick overview of what all the lights on an aircraft mean.

Can An Airplane Land Itself?

0 As a proof of concept today we'll show how a plane can land itself and how common it is in every day flying that a plane lands itself. Please note, some...

Can A Plane Fly With One Engine?

0 One fear many have when flying is if the plane will still fly if one engine fails. Today we'll be simulating a single engine failure and seeing how a Boeing 777...

What Happens When Lightning Strikes An Airplane?

0 In the skies above your head lightning is a very common occurrence and on average every commercial plane is struck once a year by lightning. But the lightning doesn't hurt the...

Why Are Airplane Windows Round?


Is Turbulence Dangerous For An Airplane Or You?


Why are there holes in airplane windows?


Why The FAA Banned The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 From Airplanes

0 To some the reason why a government body would ban a phone from a plane is unclear, hopefully this clears up any questions you may have.

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