Thursday, April 21, 2022

[Update] Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks is Available Right Now

Just a reminder, if you are heading to a Starbucks store right now,  you should bring your laptop or wi-fi device. As of Thursday July 1st, 2010, Starbucks pulls the fee...

Facebook Passes 500 Million Users

In a blog post today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, announced that Facebook has finally reached 500 million users. Along with that update Zuckerberg announced the launch of a new feature, Facebook Stories,... FINALLY Gets IMAP Support

When Microsoft announced, it had one essential feature missing from the service; but starting today, that feature is here. During one of Microsoft's Ask Me Anything (AMAs for short) over at...

Amazon Appstore Launches For Android

In a release today from Amazon, they have launched the Android Appstore which is the equivalent to the Apple iTunes app store. Amazon, who has deep roots in e-commerce is looking...

How The Internet Works

One of the most asked question on the internet is “how does the internet work?" and it's a good one too.  Many people know that you connect through your ISP (internet...

YouTube Updates Upload Tool with More Features

Slowly YouTube is updating their framework and their tools not only on the front end, but the back end too. Yesterday night while uploading a video, I found that the upload...

Native Google Maps App for iOS Reportedly In Wild

As the Wall Street Journal reports today, Google is said to be now testing its Google Maps application for iOS. The native iOS app is said to have native turn-by-turn directions;...

Microsoft to Turn Kinect Hacks Into a Profitable Business

Ever since Microsoft released the Kinect, it has been used in numerous situations other than its intended purposes. It looks like Microsoft wants to help them realize the potential of their...

Verizon Wireless Selling Data Cap Exemptions To Content Providers

Flash For Android Removed From Google Play Store

If you did not get the warning earlier about Adobe ending support for Android, you are now too late. In just one short year after introducing flash for Android, Adobe announced...

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