Thursday, July 9, 2020

[Update] Free Wi-Fi at Starbucks is Available Right Now

Just a reminder, if you are heading to a Starbucks store right now,  you should bring your laptop or wi-fi device. As of Thursday July 1st, 2010, Starbucks pulls the fee...

Facebook Adds PayPal For Ad Payments

Back in the early part of February there was speculation built over how Facebook was going to work with PayPal. The two companies have thus announced a partnership. Facebook would provide...

HTML5 Put To The Test

The latest release of Internet Explorer 9 is put up to the test against the most popular browsers to test the HTML5 performance in Windows. Out of all the browsers that...

Starbucks Offering Free Wi-Fi At All Stores

Hey all you coffee junkies, if you like bringing your notebook to your local Starbucks shop and hate either paying to use the internet or not having the internet available, well...

How The Internet Works

One of the most asked question on the internet is “how does the internet work?" and it's a good one too.  Many people know that you connect through your ISP (internet...

Social Media Comes to Xbox Live

In this last months update from Microsoft and Xbox Live, 3 social media sites were added to help your Xbox integrate with social media sites. Twitter, Facebook, and were added...