Wednesday, May 25, 2022

How Ford Is Using 3D Printing To Customize Your Car

3D printing is becoming increasing popular every time we talk about it. With the ability to have a working prototype of a design in mere hours, rather than weeks, people can...

Microsoft Launches IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7

Whether you like Internet Explorer or despise it (and we do), Microsoft has kept their promise in the new version of Internet Explorer. One month after Microsoft released Internet Explorer 11 in the Windows...

BitTorrent Sync Goes Into Beta

Even though its software has been used for piracy, the P2P platform is working hard to ease away from its checkered past. The organization has been building a suite of services...

Microsoft Announces New Hardware Certification Requirements For Windows 8.1

With just a month before the company releases the next operating system to OEM partners, Microsoft has placed new requirements for hardware manufactures to make for Windows 8.1. During Microsoft's Worldwide...

Dropbox Announces Datastores

Though Dropbox is known for its file syncing service, the company is expanding its service to more than syncing. While announcing that the company has reached 175 million users who save...

Digg Unveils Google Reader Alternative

With just days before Google kills off Google Reader, Digg announces a Google Reader Competitor (or Google Reader extender) service called Digg Reader. Like Google Reader, Digg Reader is a RSS...

WWDC Press Invites Go Out, Keynote Scheduled For June 10

Apple will be holding its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on June 10 this year. The event, also known as WWDC, is where Apple traditionally announces a number of new products and...

Windows Blue Will Be Officially Called Windows 8.1

Microsoft is preparing to name its "Windows Blue" upgrade Windows 8.1. The upgrade will include a number of improvements to the operating system that are not usually distributed in Service Packs....

Google Glass Will Be Manufactured In The U.S.

According to a report from The Financial Times, Google Glass handsets will be manufactured in the US. More specifically, Google will be manufacturing the handsets at a Foxconn plant in Santa Clara,...

Select files on MEGA Are Now Indexed On A Third-Party Site

One year after the raid on Megaupload, Kim Dotcom released MEGA with 50GB of free storage and in-depth encryption. Files are more secure and encrypted than its predecessor and can only...

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