Wednesday, May 25, 2022

WordPress Releases Next Major Update – WordPress 3.5

Those who are involved in any form of online blogging are likely familiar with the WordPress interface. WordPress has been an increasingly popular CMS and is the software that LogicLounge currently...

Apple’s Upcoming OS X 10.9 Rumored To Include Siri and Maps Integration

As we come closer and closer to the day where Apple releases OS X 10.9, rumors are shuffling around that the newest operating system from Apple could have baked in Siri...

Native Google Maps App for iOS Reportedly In Wild

As the Wall Street Journal reports today, Google is said to be now testing its Google Maps application for iOS. The native iOS app is said to have native turn-by-turn directions;...

Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 Preview Hands On

0 Internet Explorer still proves to be a popular browser on Windows. With the recent release of Windows 8, we saw Internet Explorer 10 released to the public, since then we haven't...

YouTube Updates Upload Tool with More Features

Slowly YouTube is updating their framework and their tools not only on the front end, but the back end too. Yesterday night while uploading a video, I found that the upload...

How To Check If A Website Is Down

There has been many times where a website or even a series of websites goes down for a few minutes or even days. Events like the wild weather a couple of...

Google Chrome Implements “Do Not Track” Feature

Recently, Google released a Do Not Track setting in the developer build of Chrome. While the other browsers, like Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, had this feature for a while, Google's Chrome...

Windows 8 RTM Released Technet and MSDN Subscribers

As we are getting closer to the official launch of Windows 8, Microsoft is giving the final version to more and more people. Recently, Microsoft has released the final version...

Flash For Android Removed From Google Play Store

If you did not get the warning earlier about Adobe ending support for Android, you are now too late. In just one short year after introducing flash for Android, Adobe announced...

Google Postpones Sales Of Nexus Q

It looks like one of the product that Google has announced at Google I/O 2012 is being postponed. Recently, Google has been sending emails to customers who pre-ordered the Nexus...

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