Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Halo 4 Announcement With Trailer [VIDEO]

There was tight tension today when WWDC and E3 had their press conferences at about the same time, one of the big announcements from Microsoft today comes in the form of...

Carl Zeiss Targeting DSLR Filmmakers

If you've ever learned anything about photography then, you've probably heard the name Carl Zeiss. The famous optics company has popularized its lenses all over the place, from...

Youtube to Soon Allow Users to Skip Ads

On Tuesday, senior product manager of Google announced that Youtube will introduce ads that are skippable coming later this year. The senior product manager said that a new format will let users to skip...

Roku Reveals Video Game-Enabled Players

Roku, the popular content streaming device, has announced its new line of Roku players titled "Roku 2." These new players have a more circular look with the same purple Roku tag...

Nintendo Introduces 3DS at E3

Today Nintendo just announced the latest handheld in the DS line, The 3DS. It sports a 3.5 inch "3D" screen on top, and a lightly smaller restive touch screen below. On the back of the top...

Apple Approves DOS App For a Couple of Hours

Early in the morning, Apple mysteriously approved the universal DOS app called iDOS, developed by Fast Intelligence. For less than a dollar, the iDOS app lets you run DOS and Legacy Windows applications on the...

Xbox 360 Controller [REVIEW] It's no doubt that the Xbox 360 by Microsoft is one of the biggest gaming platforms out there. It features stunning graphics and amazing platform for some of the hottest games...

Apple Music – WWDC 2015 Keynote Recap

Netflix Black Market Has Codes For 25 Cents

YouTube Hit 4 Billion Views Per Day

The popular video sharing site YouTube has amazingly hit 4 billion, yes billion, views per day. Over the past eight months that's a 25% increase. If you look at it, YouTube...

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