Monday, March 30, 2020

Thoughts – Net Neutrality

Boxee Box Will Soon Work With Comcast Encrypted Basic Cable

Although the Boxee Box is a brilliant device to have, using it with a cable television is a pain. Well with Comcast, that...

Spotify Starts Rolling Out Browser Based Web App

A couple of months ago we saw rumors that Spotify was starting to work on a browser-based app for listening within your browser when...

Review – Kingston 5-in-1 Mobile Companion

my-Ditto Home Network Server [REVIEW]

vFAybJS0hKs If you're looking for a home network solution to share and access files anywhere in your house or the world, the my-Ditto is the...

CES 2012 Preview [VIDEO] CES 2012 is here and starts January 10, in preparation for this massive consumer electronics show we've taken some of the hottest rumors and...

LogicLounge Weekend Update

Over the weekend LogicLounge accumulated a lot of content that some of the users may have missed. From last week to over the...

Creative Vado HD Impressions

DdTw9PMGTEE A couple of weeks ago I purchased the Creative Vado HD 3rd Generation. I have been very happy with this pocket camera, especially the...

California Bans Television

That's right California has banned television, specifically they have banned non-energy efficient televisions. The California Energy Commission voted Wednesday to set energy efficiency standards...

What Was The Real Cost Of Sony’s Network Outage?

After the first major attack to Sony's network, we all knew this wasn't going to be a very good year with Sony. And we...

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