Friday, July 2, 2021

Recap – Google I/O 2016 Keynote


Apple 2010 Music Event

Apple Music event has come and gone with many new shiny products available in the apple store right now.  From the iPod Shuffle, to the Apple TV, to iTunes, there is many new devices that...

Solid State Drive Prices Declining Drastically

Solid State Drives (or SSD for short) is one of the easiest way to make your computer faster; and the fact that it is dramatically falling in price should get...

Review: Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

0 Whether you need to prop up your camera on a table or need a better hand holding device, the Manfrotto PIXI is what you need.

Wicked Lasers Unveils LaserSaber

Wicked Lasers, the makers of the crazy laser pointers that is so powerful that it can destroy things and shine a laser into space, has recently unveiled a new add-on to...

Google TV

Google has finally announced their newest product out the doors, Google TV. But with the release today people have many questions still on what it is and where and how it...

Windows 7 XP Mode to Run Without Virtualization Technology

Microsoft recently announced a drastic change within Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions: an updated iteration of "XP Mode" will no longer require virtualization. Originally, requirements for XP mode restricted users to...

Apple Unveils iPad Mini

After months of rumors after rumor after rumor we finally set our eyes on the brand new tablet from Apple, the iPad mini. This 7.9-inch tablet is the newest in...

Everything Wrong With The 2016 MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar)

0 Apple has screwed up the 2016 MacBook Pro (with Touch Bar). They've completely alienated their user base and have now required you buy a dongle for everything.

Microsoft Announces Microsoft Surface Tablet

0 With a bit of a late announcement today, Microsoft announced basically their entrance into the tablet market with the Microsoft Surface Tablet. The tablet is a 10.6-inch screen powered by Windows...


Top Steam Games That You Can Play Anytime

0 There are a lot of really good games on Steam, except a lot of the big titles are continuations on other games or have...