Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Droid Experiencing Antenna Problems

Apple still can’t get past the fact that they had an engineering flaw about the antenna; now, they’re attacking the Droid X.  Saying that it has the same flaw,...

Nintendo Introduces 3DS at E3

Today Nintendo just announced the latest handheld in the DS line, The 3DS. It sports a 3.5 inch "3D" screen on top, and a lightly smaller restive touch screen below. On the back of the top...

WWDC 2010 Roundup

With Steve Jobs's keynote at WWDC, there is some new things out and some rumors that are now true. There were over 5,200 attendees from over 50 countries and sold out on tickets...

Google TV

Google has finally announced their newest product out the doors, Google TV. But with the release today people have many questions still on what it is and where and how it...

Installing A Hard Drive Into A Dell 8400

About 2 years ago my Dell 8400 broke because the Hard Drive had many bad sectors on the drive and caused it to crash constantly. So I have now gotten around...

Intel’s Shortages of Arrandale Processors

With a high demand for Intel's Arrandale processors, reports are saying there is a shortages on the processors. Intel's Arrandale processors for laptop, including a couple of the Core i3 and i5...

New MacBook Pros with i7 and i5

New MacBook Pros have been announced from Apple today, and as expected. The 15-inch and 17-inch models are loaded with your choice of Intel's new Core technology, either a i5 and...

Windows 7 XP Mode to Run Without Virtualization Technology

Microsoft recently announced a drastic change within Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate editions: an updated iteration of "XP Mode" will no longer require virtualization. Originally, requirements for XP mode restricted users to...

Lenovo All-In-One Desktop

Recently the market has seen an explosion of "all-in-one" desktops, with OEMs striving to achieve the combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal made standard in this class of product by Apple's...

Could Google Chrome netbooks cost more than Windows netbooks?

There have been some rumors that Google's new Chrome OS might actually cost more than the cheap Windows netbooks.  That is because Google has set specific hardware requirements for the new...

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