Tuesday, January 18, 2022

How To: Wrap Your MacBook Charger [The Right Way]


How To Disable Your TrackPad While You Are Typing in Windows

If you ever used a laptop or netbook before, you have probably had this problem before. When you are typing up a document, you accidentally touch the trackpad; jumping the cursor...

How To Disable Windows 8 Edge Help Stickers

With the change in the user interface in Windows 8, Microsoft created help stickers to help people get used to the new interface. They point users to the locations to access...

How To Enable Kiosk Mode In Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 comes with a bunch of new updated features. One of the features is making Windows 8 a kiosk station with Kiosk mode. But to make the machine suited as...

How To Make The Boxee Box Useful Again

With the recent announcement that Boxee has been bought by Samsung and the termination of its service, there has been lots of consideration of what to do with the existing hardware...

How To Disable Emergency Alerts On Your Phone

As more and more people are moving to their mobile devices and the internet to get breaking information on events around their area, so does local emergency services. Most of the...

How To Diagnose Windows Internet Issues

Want to see what programs are connecting to in Windows? Window has a way of telling you what connections are being made on the computer, and it does not require any...

How To Delete Saved Passwords in Google Chrome

Passwords are sensitive information. They should only be known between you and the service you are using with the account. The problem is that some people are relying on their browser...

How To Return A EA Origin Game

Although EA is known for being one of the worst company of the year (for multiple times consecutively), the company is trying to make its customers happy. One of the things...

How To Stream Local Videos From Your Android To Chromecast

Although you can go beyond what ChromeCast was designed to do and stream your local video content onto your ChromeCast dongle with the Google Chrome browser, you may be asking how you...


Microsoft Adds Co-Authoring To Web Version Of Word

One of Google’s justifiable criticisms of Microsoft’s Office-based cloud play was it’s hard to figure out what you can and can’t do with Office...

Samsung Buys Boxee