Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to Apply an iPod Touch Screen Protector

Anyone who owns a iPod Touch or iPhone or any iDevice for that matter should have a screen protector. It not only protects the...

How To Avoid Malware

Along with Common Sense 2010, there are many ways to avoid malware attacks.  It's essential to avoid malware.  You don't want your computer running...

Eco Tech – Pocket Grow

Think of a grow box that you can grow anything in, filled with high powered LED lights and an automated hydroponic drip system that...

iPad Jailbreak: How You Can & Why You Should

If the walls surrounding the iPhone OS are a little too high, jailbreaking is your ticket to freedom. Here's how to bust your iPad...

Installing A Hard Drive Into A Dell 8400

About 2 years ago my Dell 8400 broke because the Hard Drive had many bad sectors on the drive and caused it to crash...

Create Partitions Using Windows Disk Manager

So here's a trick that I often use when I feel the need/want to experiment with a new operating system.  I've found that most...

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