Friday, September 20, 2019

How to Install Google Maps on Your iPhone and iPad in... One of the most overwhelming things that I've gotten in response to my iOS 6 review video is how to bring Google Maps back....

How To Backup Your Instagram Photos

As Instagram is planning on changing its terms of service, giving them the power to sell all of the images users submitted to the website, users...

How To Reformat Windows 10

How To Return A EA Origin Game

Although EA is known for being one of the worst company of the year (for multiple times consecutively), the company is trying to make...

OWC Data Doubler Review And Installation One of the downfalls of a laptop is that it can only have a single hard drive in it, which can be very annoying...

How To Disable Emergency Alerts On Your Phone

As more and more people are moving to their mobile devices and the internet to get breaking information on events around their area, so...

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