Sunday, January 17, 2021

NSA: Who Cares What The Law Says, ‘Collect It All’

The Washington Post has a profile of NSA chief Keith Alexander that makes it clear that his mission is to "collect it all" when it comes to digital data: "Rather than look...

How Reddit Attempted to Bully Me

Internet trolls. They've become less disruptive and more abusive. I've recently had a run in with a specific subreddit on Reddit that has evolved from enjoying the posts and more about...

Why The Samsung Galaxy S IV is the Worst Phone

Today Samsung released their brand-new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV which is a small improvement over it's brother. In short, the new Galaxy S IV is a very little improvement...


Skype Bug Sends Messages to Unintended Contacts

You better watch out what you are saying on Skype, or the information can go into the wrong hands. Skype has recently acknowledged that a bug is...