Friday, September 24, 2021

NSA: Who Cares What The Law Says, ‘Collect It All’

The Washington Post has a profile of NSA chief Keith Alexander that makes it clear that his mission is to "collect it all" when it comes to digital data: "Rather than look...

How Reddit Attempted to Bully Me

Internet trolls. They've become less disruptive and more abusive. I've recently had a run in with a specific subreddit on Reddit that has evolved from enjoying the posts and more about...

Why The Samsung Galaxy S IV is the Worst Phone

Today Samsung released their brand-new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S IV which is a small improvement over it's brother. In short, the new Galaxy S IV is a very little improvement...

APLICATIONS Acquires Network Solutions For $600 Million

Network Solutions, a domain registrar and web hosting solution, has been acquired by Internet service and online marketing solution company The company acquired...

Opening Day

AOL Aquires TechCrunch