Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Griffin FlexGrip Action [Review]

No doubt you are looking at your new iPod touch 4G and admiring how shiny and clean it looks. Too bad it won't stay like that if you don't have the...

iPhone App Review: Skyfire

While Apple does not have a have a official option of running flash on iOS devices, there are apps that will let you play flash. One of the best known app...

Boxcar iPhone Notifications App [Review]

Currently the iPhone has a horrible notification system, there is no way to manage all of your social networks into one Push Notification that you can view at anytime. The bottome...

Apple iPod Touch 4G [Review]

Just a couple months ago Steve Jobs took the stage to revel the newest iPod line up. With some major updates to the iPod Nano the iPod Touch was totally revamped....

Allway Sync [Review]

When I first got my flashdrive I knew I needed a program that could sync my data on my flashdrive to my school folder on my computer, without copying and pasting....

Avatar Movie Review

Back in December 2009 Avatar was released in theaters and I neglected to go to the movie because it was over two hours long. Well I was wrong, this is possible...

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