Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Verizon Will Start Tiered Data Plans October 28 [RUMOR]

While there is still an unlimited data plan from Verizon, it looks like it will not be there much longer. Rumors are saying that on October 28, Verizon will drop the...

YouTube Bumping Up The Upload Limit

Since YouTube's launch, if you weren't a partner, your limit of uploading videos was 10 minutes. Boing Boing has gotten some wind that in the coming future we will see YouTube...

WWDC 10 Speculations

We are days away from Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, which means the rumor mill is up and running at full power. So let's take a look and see if we can't...

Hulu Headed To The Xbox 360

Xbox has grown rich in features attracting a social circle including Netflix, Facebook and Twitter. Now, rumor has it that the Xbox 360's gearing up to accommodate Hulu, too. Though plans...

The Next Apple TV Revealed

If you thought that Apple's foray into the world of home entertainment died with the last iteration of the Apple TV, you're quite wrong. This project has been in the works...

iPhone 4G Prototype Leaked

Many of you know, that an engineer from Apple "accidentally" lost an iPhone 4 prototype. Gizmodo bought it, for about $5000, but had to return it to Apple, shortly later. Supposedly (as reported...

Intel’s Shortages of Arrandale Processors

With a high demand for Intel's Arrandale processors, reports are saying there is a shortages on the processors. Intel's Arrandale processors for laptop, including a couple of the Core i3 and i5...

Could Google Chrome netbooks cost more than Windows netbooks?

There have been some rumors that Google's new Chrome OS might actually cost more than the cheap Windows netbooks.  That is because Google has set specific hardware requirements for the new...

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