Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Apple To Attend Black Hat Conference

While Apple has usually hold their own events in the San Francisco Bay Area, Apple is going to the Black Hat conference this year..... Wait WHAT? On the Black Hat schedule...

Facebook Will Let You Kick Yourself

Announced today Facebook will begin to notify you if you are signed in to Facebook somewhere else. They say that you will be able to take actions against the logged on...

Beware of Larko Agency Banner Scam – WordPress Scam

For content media producers please beware of the following scam, it can be misleading until the last moment, please do not be fooled. As the head of LogicLounge I get many...

Malware for iPad

Yikes... with Apple's amazing one million iPads sold, all the malware-makers are thinking about infecting the iPad.  For the most part, there isn't very much malware for Apple's products (not saying...

What Is The Best AntiVirus?

dHDmcK6uuqU This is a common question among anyone who owns a computer. When it comes to computer security software you have to think of multiple questions when trying to choose the right...

Google SSL Search

For those of you who think that you are being spied on while you are on the internet, Google has the solution for you, Google SSL Search. With Google search over...

McAfee Update Shutting Down Windows Computers

A bad McAfee update for Windows XP has millions scrambling to make sure they aren't the next victims. According to sources: "DAT update 5958 deletes the svchost.exe file, which then triggers a...

Google Blocks CO.CC Domains For Malware

In an effort to improve the quality of searches at Google, the search company has taken down over 11 million websites that they deem unsafe and spammy. The subdomain is owned...

Skype Security Weaknesses Endangers Users

The most popular voice over IP system on the internet today has a major security bug that could leave you open to attack. Being the biggest VOiP system with just over...

Google Updates ReCaptcha

Remember reCAPTCHA? The service that helps cut down or prevent spammers and, at the same time, helping identifying texts that cannot be identified by a computer (like some books, newspapers, and...

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