Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Evernote Launches Service Wide Password Reset

As with any popular service, there are going to be hacking attacks. On Evernote's corporation news listing, the company said that it has been the subject of hacking attacks in the recent days. On February...

President Obama Signs Executive Order To Help Improve Cyber Security

During his annual State of the Union address, President Obama announced that he signed an executive order to help improve the nation's internet infrastructure from cyber attacks. During his eight page proposal, he said...

Instagram Exploit Allows For Account Takeover

A security flaw in photo sharing app Instagram could compromise user accounts, after it was discovered that certain cookies are sent in plain-text without encryption. The exploit, discovered by Carlos Reventlov,...

Open-Source Theft Protection Prey Security Review

No one likes it when their device is stolen or missing. Imagine you are in a coffee shop and you leave it for a second to get a cup of coffee, and when you...

Facebook Starts Switching All Users To Secure HTTPS Connections

If you haven't already been browsing the most popular social networking site with HTTPS, well you are now. Facebook holds a lot of data, a lot of sensitive data that people...

Skype Security Hole Allows Anyone to Hijack Your Account Using Only Your Email Address

This is a major security flaw in Skype, this massive hole allows anyone with your Skype name and email address to gain access to your account and cause havoc. For...

LastPass Adds Account Monitoring

Got LastPass? If you do, great; you've got another addition to your LastPass account that is free to all users using the service; account monitoring. After multiple, high-profile, website breaches (including...

Oracle Patches Java Security Bug

If you have Java, be sure to update the software right now. Oracle just updated its Java plugin to Java 7 Update 7, and patches many security issues that allows an...

NYPD and Microsoft Partner Up On All-Seeing Digital Eye

New York City law enforcement officials have teamed up with Microsoft for the "Domain Awareness System," which will aggregate and analyze real-time data from a multitude of the city's existing...

London Has a Catch-a-Signal Offender

As the Olympics are in session right now, Wi-Fi hotspots are banned in London to ensure all the devices and sensors used for the games are functioning properly. This is...

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