Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Dropbox Security Breached… Again

If you have been getting more spam than usual, Dropbox may be the culprit. Recently, in mid-July, some Dropbox users have reported that they have been receiving spam in their email accounts that...

Apple To Attend Black Hat Conference

While Apple has usually hold their own events in the San Francisco Bay Area, Apple is going to the Black Hat conference this year..... Wait WHAT? On the Black Hat schedule...

Russian Hacker Circumvents Apple’s In-App Purchase

Recently, a Russian hacker found a method to fool in-app purchasing in iOS apps so that users can get in-app-purchase content for free. A Russian developer named ZonD80 has recently posted...

PSA: DNSChanger Trojan Shutdown On July 9th

This is a last warning for users that are affected with the DNSChanger Virus. On Monday, July 9, 2012, the FBI will shut down their temporary DNS servers used with a DNSChanger trojan.  To...

Wild Trojan Causing Printers To Print Gibberish

More like hide your paper, hide your ink. Over the past few weeks businesses around the world have been complaining that their printers have been spewing out gibberish and meaningless characters till their printer's...

Mac OSX Security Hole Leaves Lion’s Login Info in Clear Text [UPDATE]

Looks like Apple has another problem with security and the safety of their operating system. Apple's latest update of Lion, Mac OS 10.7.3, has accidentally turned on a system-wide debug log that logs all...

Apple Releases Patch For Flashback Malware

As Apple's Mac OS X line of computer are getting more demand, so is the demand for virus creators to make viruses and malware for the Mac OS X. Recently a strain...

Google Updates ReCaptcha

Remember reCAPTCHA? The service that helps cut down or prevent spammers and, at the same time, helping identifying texts that cannot be identified by a computer (like some books, newspapers, and...

Why You Should Get a Security Key for Your SWTOR Account

When logging in to Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may have noticed a security key field under your password. While this feature is certainly optional, the added level of security...

FBI to Cut Off Users With DNSChanger Trojan

As expected, the FBI will possibly cut off Internet access to millions of people on March 8, 2012 to help the country get rid of the DNSChanger Trojan. As a note:...

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