Monday, February 18, 2019

Apple 2010 Music Event

Apple Music event has come and gone with many new shiny products available in the apple store right now.  From the iPod Shuffle, to the Apple TV, to iTunes, there is many new devices that...

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Officially Released

Just this morning, Flash 10.1 got finalized and and it is on its download page. So if you held out for the upgrade, download now. With the coming of Flash 10.1 comes with...

Review – Reflector 2

Apple Releases iOS 5 Beta 3

Apple is readying up iOS 5 and is gearing up for another major release of the iOS mobile software. Today beta 3 has been pushed out to the iOS developers for...

Windows 8 Will Not Play DVD Videos On Most Versions

Microsoft has mode some surprising news as they are slowly releasing more information of the final release of Windows 8. Unless you are going to get the Media Center Edition of the upcoming Windows...

Why You Shouldn’t Upgrade To Windows 8 Windows 8 is almost here, one of the big questions for consumers is whether they should buy Windows 8. It has been one of the highest criticized operating systems to date...

Skype Bug Sends Messages to Unintended Contacts

You better watch out what you are saying on Skype, or the information can go into the wrong hands. Skype has recently acknowledged that a bug is sending messages to a random unintended user....

How To Stop Windows 10 Automatically Restarting

Why I Switched From Mac To Windows

It's always a big decision to switch your main operating system from macOS to Windows and that's just what I've done. It's come to a point where macOS isn't the best...

Windows 10 Cortana Blocks Google Searches

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