Thursday, December 13, 2018

Adobe’s Subscription-Only Photoshop CC Has Already Been Pirated

Within a day of its release, Adobe's cloud-integrated editing application Photoshop CC has already been pirated. Photoshop CC is a big step for Adobe—a step away from standalone software and toward...

Mac OS X Mountain Lion To Be Released Tomorrow

In Apple's third quarter earnings report for 2012, Apple announced that Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)  is coming out tomorrow. As with the update, it brings graphics performance and quality, image & Media importing,...

LoJack for Laptops [Review]

In the United States, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.  And 12,000 laptops disappear in U.S. airports each week.  The only way to prevent this from happening to you, other...

Windows 10 Tablet Mode

Change Default Apps In Windows 10

Windows 8 To Be Released In October

Recently, at Microsoft's World Wide Partner Conference in Toronto, Canada, Windows Chef Marketing Officer and Financial Officer Tami Reller announced that Windows 8 will be out in a few months. Tami...

Google Sends Patch to OEM To Fix Major Flaw in Android

Better check for updates on your Android devices as soon as possible (and continue to for a while). Recently, the mobile security firm, Bluebox, has discovered a security hole in Android...

Ninite Windows App Downloader

If you're upgrading your Windows system, you'll spend a lot of time grabbing installers and clicking through setup wizards. Unless you use an exclusive Windows program called Ninite to check off...

Conical Announces Ubuntu Phone OS

Although Ubuntu has some major work to get their operating system to every type of devices in the world, they are making major progress. Recently, Conical announced a new version of Ubuntu designed...

Review – Reflector 2

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