Thursday, February 20, 2020

CyanogenMod Brings Fully Working Android To HP TouchPad

Looks like the CyanogenMod team is constantly trying to put Android on the HP Touchpad. Recently, they released a video showing that they have successfully enabled the Wi-fi module on...

Windows 10 – First Impressions

How To Use Multiple Desktops in Windows 10

BitTorrent Is Not Illegal

Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 8 In response to my article on why you shouldn't buy Windows 8, I want to give you two sides to the story and tell...

How To Close Skype in Windows 10

How to Setup Windows 8 Alright, you have Windows 8 and are wondering how to get started setting it up. Here's the quick and simple guide in under 10...

Mac OS X Mountain Lion Preview [VIDEO] Today Apple released the developer preview of OS X Mountain Lion. This next iteration of the OS X family of operating systems brings...

Could Google Chrome netbooks cost more than Windows netbooks?

There have been some rumors that Google's new Chrome OS might actually cost more than the cheap Windows netbooks.  That is because Google has...

Secrets for OS X

Secrets is a application/preference pane for Mac OS X that reveals some hidden settings in OS X. All of these can be activated...

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