Monday, January 20, 2020

5 Google Chrome Apps That You Must Have

Google Chrome's functionality can be expanded with many various extensions. We've looked through various extensions to bring you our top 5 browser extensions for...

Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview [Video]

xyCl620DRcA Just one month ago Internet Explorer 9 was released to the general public in a stable build that brought many much-needed features to the...

How To Boot Into Windows 10 Safe Mode

New “Spirit” Jailbreak Released for iPhone and iPad

This week, a new program for jailbreaking Apple devices was released.  This program has been named "Spirit."  It's the spiritual successor (no pun intended)...

Is Your Mac Mountain Lion Compatible?

With Apple's Mac OS X Mountain Lion reaching Gold Master, it is almost ready for sale. Though it is almost ready to go...

How To Install Magic Lantern on a Canon DSLR

Magic Lantern is a 3rd party open firmware for Canon DSLR that sits on top of Canon's firmware that allows users to have many...

How To Stop Windows 10 Automatically Restarting

How To Protect Your Privacy On Windows 10

Seesmic Web Now Integrates & Foursquare

Looks like Seesmic is doing something good with after they acquired it a while ago. On Seesmic blog, they announced that their web...

What is HTTPS?

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