Monday, September 21, 2020

Tech Link Weekly 007

Host(s): Craighton Miller Reversible USB, Xbox One Security Hole, and Amazon Fire TV. Guest(s): None Download or subscribe to this show at Submit a story to or email [email protected] Check out the full show notes for today's episode. Running time: 31.02 Links: MEPs...

WWDC 2012 Recap [VIDEO]

0 Quick run-down of today's WWDC Keynote. Update to Macbook Pro Update to Macbook Air New Next Generation Macbook Pro OSX Mountain Lion iOS 6 The 17'' Macbook Pro is no longer The 15'' Macbook Pro Ivy Bridge Quad-Core i7 up to...

Hackers Remotely Lock iOS Devices in Australia Hacking in Australia have been going around hacking iCloud accounts and then remotely locking iPhones and keeping them locked in exchange for a ransom to unlock the phone.

LG Announces The G3, Its New Flagship Smartphone LG Announced it's new much larger phone called the G3, and it's gigantic!

Amazon Declares War on Book Publishers Amazon doesn't like a certain book publisher because they won't play by their rules. So now they're waging war with them until they do.

Your School Is Spying On You A popular online textbook software is using its data on you to tell your teacher just how much you're reading or not reading, which could come back with negative consequences.

Support Scammers Now Using MS-DOS To Scam You Fake support call scammers are now using MS-DOS and a common command to trick people into paying for service they don't need and taking their personal information after getting access to...

The Hidden Beauty of Airport Runways Airport runways have such a unique and amazing aspect to them that we thought we'd share some of the secretes with you.

iOS 8 – Rumor Roundup Apple's WWDC conference is just around the corner, we could see the announcement of iOS 8, here's what we're predicting.

Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 16GB DDR3 RAM Review

0 In our epic gaming computer build we need to be able to run many programs and games, sometimes even at the same time. To do this without having slow downs we...


iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup

We've all seen and heard these rumors for the iPhone 5, there are many arguments and unclear parts of what these rumors actually mean....

Happy SysAdminDay!

How To Fix Windows 8