Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Microsoft Adds Co-Authoring To Web Version Of Word

One of Google’s justifiable criticisms of Microsoft’s Office-based cloud play was it’s hard to figure out what you can and can’t do with Office Web Apps — the Webified versions of...

Logos Quiz Game for iPhone [REVIEW]

0 You probably don't know this but you're bombarded with marketing on a daily basis and what they are showing you actually is affecting you. A prime example of this is, Logos...

AT&T Finally Allows FaceTime Calls Without Paying Extra

If you're an iPhone customer with AT&T be prepared to become very happy. Previously, you were unable to make FaceTime calls over your cellular signal unless you paid an outragous monthly...

DockView For Mac Review

One of the key feature in Windows 7 is Aero Peek, a feature that allows users to peek into the desktop and running programs. But what if one wants the feature...

Apple Shows Off A Sneak Peak Of Black Friday Sale

Everyone knows that Apple is expensive, I don't see them as that expensive due to the quality of product that I get from them. There are only certain times in the...

Installing dbrand skin to an iPhone


Reeder for Mac [REVIEW]

0 Reeder for iPhone has quickly become the number one news reader app for the iPhone. Recently the developer brought the application to Mac OS X. Reeder for Mac brings all of...

Facebook Home Suffers From Major Backlash

It has been more than 72 hours since Facebook officially released its Home app launcher to the Google Play store, and it doesn't look good. Facebook Home, which has been touted as an environment...

Apple Files Patent to Disable Jailbroken Apple Devices

Although the US Government has fully legally authorized jailbreaking, Apple wants to keep it illegal by disabling jailbroken devices. Recently Apple filed a patent that will identify and disable the device for unauthorized...

Turkey Lifts Ban On YouTube

After a little over two years of being blocked in Turkey, YouTube's ban has been lifted. Back in March 2007 the Turkish court ruled that the popular video site, YouTube, was to...


Minecraft – April Fools’ Day Edition 2014

0 Minecraft had a very clever April Fools' Day prank for all its users.

SSD vs HDD Boot Time