Saturday, July 31, 2021

Why I Won’t Buy An iPad

This is probably one of the most posted topics on the web at this moment, Reason why people won't buy iPads. Here is my explanation and reasons why. Knowing Apple they...

HowTo: 6 Ways of Captioning Youtube Videos Part 3

If you are in the need to create your own caption and setting the caption yourself, there are online solutions that you do not need to install on your computer. With...

TechWeekly Appearance

I was recently invited to appear on a popular podcast called TechWeekly.  I would just like to thank Nick and the rest of the PBCastTV staff for having me on. Below...

Is Samsung going to release a ‘slate’ also?

A senior Samsung executive confirmed that Samsung will release a 'slate' PC in the second-half of 2010.  Which means that the Apple's iPad will have a bit of competition.  Though, Samsung...

Government Speed Test

The US Government has recently launched a website dedicated to the testing and recording of average regional broadband speeds. In a joint effort with the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the data collected...

Multitasking For iPhone 4.0

Probably one of the major hindrances for the iPhone is multitasking. Well not anymore, Apple plans to release in the 4.0 update of the iPhone adding multitasking. With the iPad pre-orders...

Google Chrome OS for Business

A security engineer for the Google Chrom OS, Will Drewry, has hinted that there might be two or more versions of the Google Chroms OS.  Google plans to debut their business version...

HowTo: 6 Ways of Captioning Youtube Videos Part 1

There are 6 different ways of captioning, ranging from simple to difficult. Although the Long way is hard, it captions the video a lot better than the simple way. Also, although...

Pandora Internet Radio

There are a lot of internet radio services out there, Yahoo Radio and Shoutcast. But there is one that has really caught my eye. Pandora Radio is a radio...

Opening Day

LogicLounge Blog is opening March 1, 2010. Get ready for PC and Mac Tips, Hacks, and Reviews. Be sure to apply to contribute if you are a good writer!


Google Postpones Sales Of Nexus Q

It looks like one of the product that Google has announced at Google I/O 2012 is being postponed. Recently, Google has been sending...

What is a Hosts File?