Sunday, September 27, 2020

Apple 2010 Music Event

Apple Music event has come and gone with many new shiny products available in the apple store right now.  From the iPod Shuffle, to the Apple TV, to iTunes, there is many new devices that...

LogicLounge Weekend Update

Over the weekend LogicLounge accumulated a lot of content that some of the users may have missed. From last week to over the weekend, LogicLounge created a couple posts and...

YouTube Bumping Up The Upload Limit

Since YouTube's launch, if you weren't a partner, your limit of uploading videos was 10 minutes. Boing Boing has gotten some wind that in the coming future we will see YouTube...

Youtube Adds Vuvuzela Option Into Videos

We all know that Google (and Youtube) likes to play pranks. Recently, Youtube added the vuvuzela feature into newer Youtube video players. The vuvuzela icon is represented by a soccer ball from the FIFA World...

Youtube Launches New Cloud Video Editor

Youtube has just released a new video editor ant lets you create videos from your existing video uploads. The service will let you create smashups from previous videos uploaded onto the site. The...

Hulu Plans To Charge While Expanding To Devices

Hulu, the website for TV viewing owned by News Corp, General Electric's NBC Universal and Walt Disney Co, was developing a subscription service to be rolled out on multiple devices in...

Hulu Headed To The Xbox 360

Xbox has grown rich in features attracting a social circle including Netflix, Facebook and Twitter. Now, rumor has it that the Xbox 360's gearing up to accommodate Hulu, too. Though plans...

Avatar Movie Review

Back in December 2009 Avatar was released in theaters and I neglected to go to the movie because it was over two hours long. Well I was wrong, this is possible...

Installing A Hard Drive Into A Dell 8400

About 2 years ago my Dell 8400 broke because the Hard Drive had many bad sectors on the drive and caused it to crash constantly. So I have now gotten around...

Geeks Room Tour 2010

0 Hey guys this is Craighton, the founder of LogicLounge, I have gotten many emails and requests on YouTube asking me to do a tour of my room, and since it has...


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