Sunday, February 25, 2018

Leaked Microsoft Document Leaks Xbox 720

Even though E3 has passed a while ago, it does not stop people from taking about another game console in the works. Recently, a leaked Microsoft document from August 2010 was...

Nintendo E3 2012 Recap

Nintendo started the press conference in an awkward way. Instead of showing the overview of the things Nintendo is going to announce, they jumped straight into one of the games, starting with Nintendo's Pikmin. The...

Sony E3 2012 Recap

Sony started the press conference with a showing a video of the many games and services they are planning to come out in the coming months. This was followed by Sony's speaker saying that...

Microsoft XBox E3 Recap

Microsoft has announced many new things for their XBox and also to Windows 8. They announced that they stepped up from being the top video game console in America to...

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