Craighton Miller – Chief Executive Officer & Editor In Chief

Craighton is a talented individual who is experienced with many OS platforms and has knowledge to code in many languages. Craighton also has a very extensive technical knowledge and has answers to any questions that you can throw at him.

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Ryan Matthew Pierson – Managing Editor

Ryan Matthew Pierson has worked as a broadcaster, writer, and producer for media outlets ranging from small local radio stations to internationally syndicated programs. His experience includes virtually every aspect of media production including audio and video programming. He spent several years working as a Producer/Director for the Alex Jones Show while separately hosting two technology-driven shows for Treet.TV.

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Kevin Che – Senior Writer

High Schooler that is possibly named the person for anything about tech and helping with tech in the school. Works on some projects coding, builds and repairs small electronics, and help with other communities on things.

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Brad Merrill – Writer

Brad Merrill is a tech and business writer who focuses on the tech startup scene.

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