Apple iPad 2 Event On March 2?

The rumors are on fire today, Apple is in the process of inviting and getting ready for a event on March 2nd. According to multiple sources around the web Apple is planning for a event that we believe to be the announcement for the iPad 2.

Apple is known to annually update and refresh their products. Like the MacBook Pro and iPhone, Apple is right on time for updating the iPad. Being released right around a year ago the fire is burning under the iPad 2 rumors.

The iPad 2 is expected to have an improved display, front and rear facing camera and be overall thinner and lighter than its predecessor. Some of the other reports say that internal chips will support both GSM and CDMA-based networks, such as AT&T and Verizon.

In Apple’s last earnings report, Apple said it had sold about 15 million iPads since Apple debuted it last spring.

Apple is facing increased competition in the tablet market with the upcoming Xoom and Android-based tablets. The iPad is a big competitor with a low price and powerful operating system, it will defiantly keep other tablet makers on their toes.

Apple has not sent out their famous invites just yet but we can expect them some time soon.

Now that we have the iPad 2 release locked in, from as much as we know. The next speculation will be around whether Steve Jobs, Apple CEO, will appear or not. He is currently on leave to deal with continuing health issues. He has been sighted around Silicone Valley and his health seems better.