Apple iPod Touch 4G - Not As Good As You Think

I was able to acquire an Apple iPod touch 4G about four months ago as a present. I’ve also don’t many app and reviews on the iPod touch. It is a great device for what Apple advertises it, but after using it for an extended amount of time I have come up with many concerns about it.

Lets start with the exterior, I use a screen protector and case for my iPod. I recommend for anyone who has a iPod touch for them to get both a screen protector and a back plate to protect the mirror like surface from getting scratched. That brings a question to my head, why would Apple manufacture a product that they know will get scratched and damaged easily if the user doesn’t buy protection? Something else that caught my attention is the screen, no I’m not talking about the retina display but I am talking about the glossiness of the screen. On the very first day I got a small scratch on it and was horrified that my iPod could get scratched so easily.

Apple really needs to step up and make rugged devices that can at least handle daily use.

On the interior I am surprised by only two things, the rear camera and processor. Apply should put more quality into their camera, the rear camera is less than a mega-pixel and takes horrible pictures, when the 4G system can take the iPhone quality camera Apple refuses and puts a low quality camera into it. The iPod touch is an easy device that you can pull out at any moment to snap a picture. But, even for the regular user it is hard when the camera plain out sucks.

Although I am happier with processor, it is supposed to have the same specs as the iPhone 4 which is great and multi-tasks well but the memory is where it lacks. I am the kind of person who leaves the mail app open with messenger and safari, that’s great and all but when you try to run more than any three apps the systems starts to lag and slow to impossible speeds. The quality of the device is alright not the amazing standard that we usually see from Apple and its products.

My recommendation to everyone is to go for the iPhone 4 or hope for the best that the next iPod Touch can handle it.