Apple Thinking Of Switching To AMD

Something has been going on in Apple’s labs that might change the future of Apple technology. In fact, Apple has been doing testing of AMD chipsets in their labs.

Apple has been using Intel chips in their lineup since 2006, and things have been all fine and dandy.  But according to AppleInsider, Apple is having high-level discussions with the AMD corporation to adopt other processor technology.

Intel chips are currently outperforming AMD at a noticeable margin. But why is Apple wanting to switch? A while back, Apple was upset with Intel over chip shortages that forced MacBook Pros into a later than anticipated Core i5/i7 refresh. Plus, Apple is now settling for Intel integrated graphics in MacBook Pros following Intel’s disputes with NVIDIA. AMD, has been eager for the business and could treat Apple as a grade-A client while simultaneously providing them with a cheaper product as well as superior ATI-based GPU solutions.

But again, this is only vauge information and the there is no reason at this point.