Crossover for Mac Review

Crossover for Mac Review


Even though there are lots of programs on the Mac, there are still some programs that are only on Windows. Though running Windows on a Mac with a virtualization program or through bootcamp is one solution, the cost for a Windows license is rather high if you don’t intend to use it all of the time. There is another solution that can be less expensive than actually physically getting a copy of Windows, and that program is called Crossover for Mac.

Crossover for Mac is a Windows application emulator, simulating the Windows API to be used on other operating systems. You may be wondering, is there another program that does the same thing as Crossover? You are right.

Crossover is mainly just a tested version of Wine for Mac (who also helps maintaining the program). The expectation you see when you use Wine for Mac should be the same as Crossover for mac. The only main difference is more direct support for applications it supports, an easier interface, and a few tweaks and proprietary add-ons. The only main difference is that the application is rigorously tested before it is released. Since the programs are rigorously tested, the updates take a little bit more time.


  • Windows program emulator

  • Capable of running a large number of Windows applications


  • Limited number of windows applications it can run.

  • Even though the program works, it does not mean that it will work completely. There may/will be some bugs when running the program.

  • Programs can crash caused by the emulation of Windows.


  • CodeWeavers, who is the company that build Crossover, is one of the companies that maintains Wine (the Windows program emulation application).

In conclusion, this app is worth it if you are using Windows applications on a Mac as a business and in need support while running Wine for Mac. If you don’t need the support or don’t mind being down for a while, consider using Wine for mac (its free, community based support Windows emulator).