Google Responds To Microsoft's Patent Attack Response

It’s a full-on war between Google and Microsoft now, after a blog post yesterday about a campaign against Android from allegedly Microsoft, Apple, Oracle and other top tech companies in competition against Google. Google’s SVP and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond, is speaking out in an updated blog post he wrote yesterday. David Drummond updates his post in response to Microsoft’s gotcha moment.

This all started when Microsoft offered Google the opportunity to big with them for the Novell patents and use them jointly, of course Google being Google they turned it down because they wanted the patents for themselves. Drummond tries to defend Google’s decision by saying that the partnership “eliminated any protection these patents could offer to Android against attacks from Microsoft and its bidding partners.” His post goes on to mention that the Justice Department’s intervention in the patent acquisition which requires the winning group to create a license for the open source community, only supports Google’s decision. This scandal is a small bicker between the companies but can impact the future of Android.

That’s all that’s been happening recently, we still haven’t gotten to the good stuff. In response to the response of the response, Microsoft’s corporate communications lead, Frank Shaw takes the issue to Twitter and tell Microsoft’s side of the story. In multiple tweets, Shaw explains how Google declined the offer because the company wanted Novell’s IP all to itself, so that they could eventually sure others instead of using the patents to reduce liability. That assumption cannot be confirmed or denied but that’s how Shaw explained his side of the story.

It’s all a big game of pointing fingers and finding a way to take the blame on them, it’s quite amusing to see them fighting but, like little kids, it get annoying.

Now, here’s some tweets from Shaw towards Google:

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