Google's New Toolbar Rolls Out

Since mid-November rumors have circulated about a new top toolbar coming to the top of Google related pages. We all remember the slip of activation of the bar back in November and that gave us a close hint to what Google was working on. Today it seems Google is making it official and pushing out the newly designed toolbar for everyone.

A Google spokes person stated:

Last week we tested a new top navigation bar, which increases consistency across most of Google’s properties and is a visual update over the previous top navigation bar. We are now rolling this new bar out widely.

When it was reported a couple of months ago it was tagged with the name +1, the code name Google gave it. Although this is just a toolbar redesign we believe that Google’s mysterious social product and this new toolbar are connected. The relation is not yet clear but sources say they are.

For now the bar is basic and the drop down bar only displays a placeholder for your name and e-mail address. The settings menu is basic and holds links to the basic search settings and account settings pages. So nothing special yet.