Hotmail Launches Disposable Accounts

If you’ve used e-mail for any amount of time you probably have one or two disposable e-mail accounts they you use when you don’t want to give out your real mailing address. Hotmail has caught on to what users are doing and making the process easier.

In a new feature release from Hotmail today, you can simply create a bogus e-mail account from one login. This new Hotmail feature allows users to create multiple e-mail accounts that can be read, replied to, and managed from the primary users inbox. These additional logins are low maintenance and do not require extra user names or special settings to keep up to date.

Hotmail’s idea is to give users a safe way to provide external parties with a secondary email address without having to give up the address that is used from personal everyday use. This, in theory, will help cut down on accounts being compromised.

“I don’t want to give my real address out to any site in the world. I might be worried they’ll spam me with newsletters, or they might resell it to other marketers. Who knows what can happen?” Said the Windows Live product management director. Increasing focus and spam is going to email, it is low-cost and is better than a spam advertiser using traditional post mail. Just like junk post mail spam is a huge problem and Hotmail’s new way of combating that looks very useful.

Another problem brought to attention is the ability to juggle one e-mail address that is used with family and friends, work, and everything else that you do on the internet. Having multiple email addresses helps divide different lives on the internet.

Each Hotmail user can create up to five e-mail addresses on one account. Any of which can be deleted and replaces at anytime with the click of a mouse. The Microsoft spokesperson also said that the Hotmail team will increase the limit to 15 address per account in the future, making it easier for heavy e-mail users don’t have to juggle multiple accounts.

Microsoft hopes to please both types of users, the normal users who want multiple accounts for home and work life and the hardcore users who want to juggle multiple things while not having to deal with any setting changes. Microsoft says they it is slowly rolling this feature accounts and should be available to everyone by the end of this weekend.