How to Apply an iPhone Screen Protector

How to Apply an iPhone Screen Protector

So you have your new iPhone, the biggest thing that you’re worried about is not getting it scratched. The worst thing that an iPhone owner goes through is finding a scratch on their flawless glass screen and obsessing about it 24/7. The cheapest and easiest way to keep your screen from getting a scratch on it, is to get a screen protector.

They’re relatively cheap and is better than finding a scratch on your screen and paying to replace it, if it bugs you that much. I’ve been using a screen protector on all of my devices since I received them and never looked back. With your iPhone rummaging around in your pocket it’s bound to get scratches by your keys or anything else that is in your pocket with your iPhone.

That’s why I choose SGP screen protectors, they price the maximum amount of screen protection without adding any bulk to your iPhone. By now you probably have your screen protector but are a little confused on maybe how to apply it without messing up or having to do it over. After many years of doing this I’ve gotten my screen protector application skills down to a science and am sharing that with you today.

So let’s talk about how I prepare. I try to be in a relatively dry and dust free area. I always have my trusty Monster Screen Cleaner with me when working with glass because it works very well with getting it spotless. I try to work on a soft surface over the hard surface of a table, so I usually put down a towel on my work area and work on top of that. Now that we have all of our materials together lets learn how to apply it.

If you buy from SGP you’ll usually get a microfiber cloth with your screen protector, I first start off with using my screen cleaner to clean off my screen getting it spotless and smudge free. I then go back with the microfiber cloth and rub down the screen again getting the dust off and getting it spotless. Remember that any little dust speck will show up under the screen protector.

After your iPhone is spotless it’s time to apply the screen protector. To do this, start by peeling the film of the protector back slightly. Be sure that you’re peeling back the right side, usually there’s a sticker showing which is the back. Peel back only slightly and place it on the top of the iPhone. Lining it up properly. With you’re kit you should get a squeegee, if not you can just use a credit card or anything flat. Starting for the side that you put down slowly push out all the air bubbles and keep a close eye on how straight the screen protector is. It’s ok if you lift it back up and try again, just don’t touch the screen protector on the sticky part.

Once you work your way all the way down the screen protector and you still see some air bubbles that are small, don’t worry. Those small air bubbles will flatten out after some use and being attached to the screen protector for some time.

Congratulations, you just applied your screen protector, feel free to share your tips with our readers.