iPad 3 Rumor Roundup [VIDEO]


Like any other Apple Product launch we have a sea a rumors to look at for the probable March 7th iPad 3 event. While we might have a product launch of the iPad 3 instead we might find ourselves with an iPad 2S however these rumors are equally legitimate for both product names.

First, we can expect to see in some fashion or another a faster and upgraded processor possibly from the current A5 to a Quad-Core A6 or A5X. On top of a faster processor consumers have high hopes of seeing the integration of LTE technology to take advantage of Verizon and AT&T’s next generation of mobile data networks. Perhaps we will see more iPad out in the wild with a new case design such as a Carbon Fiber Thunder case that could protect a 2048×1536 Retina Display. All of these power upgrade could be improved by the release of iOS 5.1 and a bigger battery to support these upgrades and perhaps a hopefully longer battery life. Finally, some rumors for the niche markets such as a smaller dock connector, NFC technology for mobile payments. We also might find an iPad with more storage and a possible SD Card slot for photographers on the go. Wither or not we see an SD Card slot it’s almost inviable we will see an upgrade cameras for the iPad. Rumors have been floating around for quick awhile that we might see an smaller possibly 8-inch version of the iPad and a different price point but will ┬áit actually happen this time?

If you look around you can always find iPad Rumors but we found these to be the most promising. What would you like to see with the new version of the iPad? Will you be buying one?