Mac Essentials For Users - Step 1

For first time Mac owners or if it’s your second Mac, getting that pure white box with the picture of your new Mac on it is an amazing experience. For me, I just received my first MacBook Pro in the mail. It’s an exciting experience to get a new piece of technology in the mail. First and foremost we want to unbox your Mac, this process works the same with any other Mac product. If you don’t know how to unbox a MacBook Pro follow the video below.

Great, so we now have your computer unboxed, it looks all nice and shiny with the aluminum body and sleek-looking finish. It’s a down right sexy computer and it looks amazing. If you’re a user of the MacBook Pro, just step back and take a look at the wonderful computer that you now own. You’re the proud owner of the Bentley of computers. Nothing gets better than what you own, now it’s time to have fun.

Starting up your Mac for the first time can be exciting and confusing, mainly because of some of the setup questions that you’ll be asked. Just take a deep breath and follow the next video in the series to learn how to start-up your Mac for the first time and configuring it properly to get you through the setup.

Now you should be at the desktop and ready to use your brand new Mac. Enjoy and leave your experiences and impressions below in the comment section.