Mac OS X Lion Features

Apple recently unveiled their new operating system dubbed Mac OS X Lion, successor to Snow Leopard. This next major release from Apple is innovating how we use our computers and providing competition for other companies. Lion is going to be released through the Mac App Store so you can purchase and install it without leaving your desk or getting your hands on a physical copy.

Just to run through the major new features:

  • Mission Control – Allows you to view an overview of your system and applications that are running grouped by application,
  • Resume – This saves the state of your application when you close it. Upon starting the application again it will reload your application exactly how you left it with all settings that you left it with.
  • Auto Save – Eliminates the need for saving a document because the system will save it for you so you don’t forget.
  • Versions – Working with Auto Save, you can view the history of your documents from the time you started. The application looks exactly like Time Machine and acts the same to give you glimpse of the history.
  • Launchpad – Like your iOS device it contains application pages that are arranged in a grid format that can be organized into folders and update just like iOS applications.
  • Full-Screen Apps – Apple is introducing new ways to naturally run applications in a full screen mode that won’t disrupt anything on your system.
  • Multi-Touch Gestures – Apple has always had multi-touch gestures integrated into the system, but nothing like this before. Apple is focusing on application switching and navigating through your Mac with just your trackpad, simplifying your actions.
  • New Mail app – Apple has over-hauled their default mail application to create a more user-friendly experience with a larger reading area and a new threaded view of mail conversations.
  • AirDrop – When trying to share files, Apple made it easier when sharing with others Mac’s. AirDrop is in direct competition with applications that share files.