Tumblr Surpasses WordPress.com In Number Of Blogs

By looking at the public numbers on the respective blogging services, the 4-year-old microblogging platform Tumblr now posses more registered blogs than the 8-year-old blogging platform WordPress.com. This is a big hit to one of the most powerful platforms on the web.

At the start of the 2011 year, Tumblr reported more than 7 million blogs hosted by the service. While on WordPress site, the official count is 20,803,820 and the Tumblr site reports 20,873,182, beating WordPress by 70,000 blogs.

The one thing that this number from WordPress doesn’t report is sites that are self-hosted. Given that WordPress has a four-year head start on the microblogging service, surpassing WordPress is a great feat for Tumblr.

Clearly Tumblr is seeing a flood of users creating blogs on the site. Top companies are creating blogs and using it in much more interesting ways than WordPress.com can offer users.

WordPress.com has long been known to host the top brands on the internet, such as CNN and the NFL. While most Tumblr blogs are like another social media presence, like a cross between a blog and Facebook page.