3M Touch Systems at CES 2013 Unveiled


3M has been a major force in the market for many generations; from adhesive tapes to digital components to dental applications. Now they have a new product on their hand.

Over at the CES 2013 Unveiled, 3M has unveiled their 84 inch multi-touch table capable of handling up to 60 touches, allowing the device to have many people interacting with the device at once. The screen they are using at the show was a 84 inch ultra high-definition LG display that has been applied with 3M electronics and sensor technology that they have been working on for the past 20 years. The table is capable of handing actions that you see in mobile smartphone and tablets, from dragging, to pinch and zoom, to twisting, and more, but in a large-sized environment. 3M is saying that they want to show that the experience that they give in smaller models can have the same experience in large use cases. 3M is predicting that this device will be used in high traffic areas like airports, train stations, museums, and retail stores.